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B Brother winner MacLaugin enjoying life on the farm

, where 30-year-old teacher Mac Laugin emerged as the inaugural winner. The ex-couple talked to the Star about their race strategy. To tell you the truth, before decided to go with you. Emmett: What we’re worried about is the luck factor, not the physical factor. If she did it on purpose she would deserve a thank you.

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On B Brother you were locked up in a studio in Mississauga for months. In the American version of the race, Boston Rob and Amber, a couple from that other famous reality show Survivor, ended up with a huge celebrity advantage because people recognized them. Jillian: I don’t know how we could possibly have an advantage based on who we are. Maybe people will feel threatened by us because they know we’re competitive. The lost taxicabs, memorizing lines, that kind of thing.

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Compared to The Amazing Race, that show must have been like being in prison. I don’t think we’ll be any better because we’re on another show. The other b difference is that they can’t evict us. Boring sometimes pays off because it doesn’t get you into trouble.

Is <strong>jillian</strong> michaels <strong>dating</strong> travis stork nka-
B Brother Canada’ Jillian And Emmett On Keeping The.

Social game play is important in The Amazing Race, but there are other components at work here. In the finale of B Brother you win $100,000 because Topaz, one of the contestants, accidentally votes for you instead of against you. Or maybe even think of sending Topaz a thank-you card? Jillian and Emmett - The Amazing Race Canada

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